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Fabric sofa sample inspection before productions

Date:11-08-2023   visitsisits:1012

Inspecting fabric sofa samples before production is an important step to ensure the quality, design, and functionality meet your standards and requirements. 

  1. Design and Measurements:

    • Verify that the sample matches the approved design, including details such as stitching, tufting, buttons, and any decorative elements.

    • Measure the dimensions of the sample to ensure they match the specifications provided.

  2. Fabric Quality:

    • Check for color consistency and ensure it matches the approved color swatch.

    • Examine the fabric for any flaws, stains, or defects.

    • Assess the texture and feel of the fabric to ensure it meets the desired comfort and quality levels.

  3. Stitching and Seams:

    • Inspect stitching for consistency, straight lines, and proper tension.

    • Check seams for any loose threads or unevenness.

  4. Cushion and Padding:

    • Evaluate the firmness and comfort of the cushions.

    • Ensure that the padding is evenly distributed and doesn't feel lumpy or uneven.

  5. Frame and Construction:

    • Inspect the sofa frame for sturdiness and proper construction.

    • Check for any signs of wobbling, weak joints, or visible defects.

  6. Assembly and Functionality:

    • If the sofa has removable components (such as legs or cushions), ensure they can be attached and detached easily.

    • Test any reclining or adjustable features to ensure they work smoothly and securely.

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